Sunday, 29 June 2008

mr porcelain and miss pen pen go to the outer suburbs

In search of raw materials for our recycling work, Gregory and I decided on a Sunday jaunt to the far outer reaches (ie Savers in Dandenong and Frankston). 
"Hey" we thought ,"let's take the newly opened Eastlink." 
Dumb idea. 
Being inner suburban types, we didn't even bother to think that there would be people who would think it was a fun Sunday drive to check out the new road. To us it was just a quicker way of getting from A to B. 
"Mullum Mullum" we said as we entered the tunnel. (This is Wurrunjeri for 'bugger we should have taken the Monash Freeway'.) It is, however, seriously worth doing this section just to see the geological strata where they have cut through the hill to put the tunnel in- it is a natural wonder and stunning! I'm serious!
We had a stop at  the Wantirna Trash and Treasure Market- hmmmm- let's just call it the Trash Market. Then back on the freeway (or rather tollway) passed Dandenong and on to Frankston.
Our favourite art works included the 'Hotel'. Strangely a lot like those F1 motels out by the Hume and the airport. Quite surrealist in tone and, obvious, the committee that chose this submission had their tongues firmly in their cheeks. Cars were slowing down as if to find the off-road to pull in. We chuckled.

Mr Porcelain loves the Emily Floyd bird and cubist worm, which sadly I didn't get a chance to photograph on the out, so sorry it's a bit hard to see.

But our all time fav had to be this one. As we drove towards it we were both making noncommital humph noises. It looked like a broken electrical pylon- then we both squealed with delight. It is gorgeous. Covered in metal leaves and flowers. It just works in that wonderful way were it changes before your eyes and, in doing so, totally changes your perception.

And I scored big time with Johnson square plates and pressed glass dishes and a wooden chair. 
And we had mango lassi and Indian Magic Marsala potato chips from M.K.S. in Dandenong.
All in all a very good Sunday.


  1. That's the best and most entertaining Eastlink review I've read yet! I don't get the hotel sculpture...I just think it's really really ugly and not at all amusing...what a waste of tollpayers money.

  2. trust me- it really is quite amusing!
    there is nothing for miles around it
    it has a staircase inside
    it is too thin to be real (actually I think it would be funnier if it was thinner but....)
    there is something so very ridiculous about it!
    it had us chuckling anyway!

  3. Dude,

    Don't ever kid yourself that the M1 would have been faster.

    That's just some evil mojo someone put on us all to kid us into EVER driving it again. And then paying money to do it.

    I hate the M1.

    My bear is looking a LOT LESS like a piglet, and we got the invisible zip in, after Some Drama, that was definitely not my fault.

  4. Savers in Footscray is worth remembering, too. I've scored some beauties there. You must come over, and I'll take you one a Western Suburbs run.


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