Saturday, 21 June 2008

winter solstice

'The Wickerman' is a hoot of a movie if you can get your hands on a copy. I was quite young when I first saw it late one night on TV, my Mum was/is a huge 'Callan' fan and Wickerman had us rolling in unintentional laughter...... and the final scenes are a clincher! It is one of those movies with a bit of everything- a thriller, a bit titillating (for the time), a bit of esoteric cultish behaviour- what more could you ask for for the Winter Solstice! (I know wicker man burning is a rite of spring but according to the paper today there is going to be a burning man festival in the South Australian desert for Winter Solstice- go figure, we're a weird mob down here.)

Maybe the Winter Solstice is to blame for my lack of pep, get-up-and-go, lacklustre energy levels........ it would be kind of fun to know that I was going to wake up in the morning full of vim-and-vigour. Although I seem to remember that Vim was a brand of cream abrasive polish used to clean the bathroom and stove so may I'm not so keen to wake up full of that, I would probably end up frothing at the mouth (at least my teeth might be pearly white).

Have a fun longest night of the year and I'll see you if the sun comes up in the morning!

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