Sunday, 10 August 2008

that explains everything*

Mr Porcelain and I- stupidly- decided to go trash-and treasuring this morning. Well the only thing we got was cold noses. What a totally foolish idea. Although I did suggest Daylesford and if we had we probably would have got to see snow which would have been a bonus. I have been snow obsessed this winter. Not snowfields snow, but country-town-open-fireplace-snow.

Not looking forward to the studio tomorrow. It'll be bitter in there.
I'm feeling out of whack again but that could just be the result of thwarted trash-and-treasuring, it just breeds frustration. 
When I got home I dragged the 'new' cupboard inside and then had to face all the work I need to do to it. I stripped the wallpaper out of the inside and cleaned up the top. The wood is actually quite nice and I now need to decide whether to hit is with a sander. This could be a problem as my miniscule backyard has no cover (which is why I had to drag it inside out of the rain) so I'm going to have to choose my moment, and of course it is, now, the rainy end of winter. It is sitting in the tiny hallway between the shop and the kitchen along with the extra stock rack, the vacuum cleaner and other sundry bits and boxes.

OK I'm a collector and hoarder. But I do put (most) of it to work. My major problem is genetic- it appears in my family that we all have an inability to keep horizontal surfaces free of clutter.
But if I fix up the cupboard then I can pack my clutter away......... 
That's the idea anyway. 
* Of course this title is ironic. Nothing is explained. If it was I wouldn't be feeling like I've stuffed up somewhere along the line.



    Surely you jest.

    I remember trying to find somewhere there to put a basket.

    And failing.

  2. OK I know- everyone is at me about my STUFF.
    Currently thinking of just setting the cupboard alight in the back laneway.
    Having had a good look at it I'm pissed that the doors are part ply. The knobs are great on the draws, the top is nicely battered and the lining boards on the back are nice.........hmmmmmm
    It's staying in the hallway 'til tuesday- will think on it.........

  3. dont feel too bad about your hoarder heritage...
    if it's in the genes you can run but you cannot hide...
    you'll always have trouble with surfaces.
    believe me I know.


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