Friday, 8 August 2008

it's not a patch on....

Today's studio work was finishing off the patchwork (other people's craft) cushions.
I also found a piece of Red Ensign flag that was kicking around the studio (left over from making a corset a few years ago that ended up as part of a wedding dress) and made that up to. It was so beautifully faded and I matched it to some Japanese indigo- lur-ver-ley!

It's been a week for clocks and I've had to make more tonight to keep up with the demand. We have new designs and they have been very popular. So much to do. No rest for the wicked, etc.

The rain tonight has been nice. The day started off with no coat and ended with hat, scarf and coat. Ah Melbourne. Better get some scarves finished tonight too. 

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