Sunday, 10 August 2008

afternoon pick-me-up

There has been a few afternoons at the studio where I've had a bout of the 3pm slumps. A couple of times I've wandered around to Zakkaya. It all so peaceful in this sweet lil store. There isn't much stock and here it works really well. It means that you can concentrate with a zen-like calm what they do have. (I fantasize sometimes that they have shelves out the back groaning with stock and only bring out one piece at a time.)
I was so excited when I went in on Friday afternoon and found these. They are enameled cutlery. I am such a sucker for enamel. I've scored some seriously good pieces in my time- like the vintage teal blue soup tureen and ladle. I like modern enamel too and am often to be found loitering in hardware shops and disposal stores. And I love Reiss enamel too- except I am not sure I want to cook a stew in a lavender coloured casserole pot..... that kinda turns my stomach.
This cutlery though is gorgeous. The spoon and splayd are only 14cm long and the little fork 11cm, they are like a little picnic set. I think the spooon would be really lovely to eat King Island vanilla yoghurt with.


  1. hey pen
    i did some very slow laps around the keilor end of essendon this arvo after i happened across their hard rubbish time. might be worth a look? north of buckley south of keilor rd. i thought of you when i saw an old singer out looking unloved in the rain. might be closer than daylesford for a bit of foraging...
    lots of chests of drawers. also lots of people driving slowly in vans and utes. she who hesitates etc.

  2. there is nothing better than enamel,
    except maybe brown paper with a black dove stamp.
    very noice find.


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