Tuesday, 5 August 2008


In the past 5 minutes I have attempted to burn the kitchen down (by tossing a tea-towel onto the electric stove top which I forgot was on- gas is best, at least you can see ON), drop a chocolate cake on the floor as it came out of the oven, burn three fingers, thumb and tip of tongue. Klutz.

Today was flat out from the start. New retailers in from Sydney, racing around in the car and work in the studio. I had to go to Auburn so went to Est and met Carolyne, raided a couple of op shops and went to the wholesaler to get leather gloves to make purses for Eastern Market (I'll take some shots to show you if I get them done in time). Then back to Carlton to pick up some dye from the Handweavers and Spinners Guild and couldn't resist these socks. Hand-dyed, handspun, handknitted. Think they will be known as the 'Fire-bird Socks' after tonight's mishaps. 
The house still smells of burnt tea-towel. Lovely.

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