Saturday, 9 August 2008

mistress fate

Sometimes, just as you start to wonder is Mistress Fate is using you as her butt-monkey or at least just messing with you for a bit of idle fun, she goes and puts things in your path. Good things.
About a month ago she sent me to Preston Bunnings on a Monday afternoon and  I ran into a dear friend I hadn't seen in about 8 years. We were so excited we were both near tears. Sometimes she give you big things and sometimes little rewards.
Today she gave me a little something. I was going to walk up to the little newsagent on Gertrude but felt for some reason that I really had to get in the car and go to the Brunswick Street one (admittedly bigger, better and more of a fix for a magazine junky like me..... except that I have a pile of unread mags sitting here.... but that is another story). On the way back home I have about 5 little side streets I can opt to take to get to the back of the shop and our parking. I turned in to the last one and sitting there was the bottom cabinet of an old dresser! Screech to a stop. Reverse. Jump out and make the hasty decision to jam it in the back of the car (thankyou little hatchback!). The old lady watering her garden over the road rolled her eyes.

You see I was on the phone to my favourite antique dealing friend yesterday begging him for a cabinet for the shop and last night while working upstairs I was pondering the need for a dresser type cupboard for upstairs to store all the stuff I need to make things in. 
It going to need work, I don't have much free time but somehow I'll get it done. Or maybe it will just be a clean and half sand (definitely not shabby chic though).
Thank you Mistress Fate. 
(I wonder if I go back tomorrow if the top shelves will be there....?)

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  1. I say rough sand and enamel. If it's pine, anyway.

    Do I have your solemn promise on the shabby chic thing?


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