Monday, 18 August 2008

animal companions- good for stress

It's been a stressful week and a teary Monday. Spot hasn't been well, not eating and getting skinnier and, me, more worried as each day passed .
So off to the vet. This involved a finger and KY jelly, a huge loss of dignity, a shaved neck, vampire bites (where's Buffy when you need her?) and an hour on oxygen when the feline turned blue. Valium (for me) would have helped. Indeed it might still be on the cards. The blood tests will show, hopefully, just what is going on.
Spot enjoyed her new carry-box however, as her stupid human ended up going for the medium sized one as the small one looked too small, and she can stretch out full length on the padded cushion that came with it. 
Sitting in the waiting room wanting to cry and laughing at the same time as they have installed a TV showing animated adventures of a cat and its human called 'Cat-Man-Do'. Very funny, simple line drawn stories that would have anyone who lives with a cat in hysterics. (One involves a couch and a remote control and the other is the cat trying to wake the human up, let's just say a baseball bat was involved- there was even sniggering coming from the dog section on the other side of the doorway.)
Since she has been home Spot has decided eating is OK and has tucked in to a pile of fresh meat. Amazing how a bit of stress and prodding can help with the appetite (I just want huge amounts of chocolate). I do hope that the blood tests are all fine- I don't like this feeling of helplessness. I wish they could talk.


  1. Poor little Spot. Hope you two are feeling better. If only I was in Melbourne I'd drop some chocolate fudge off to you P.

  2. I wish they could, too.

    The worst part is not knowing what the Right Thing To Do is.

    Spot sounds better, though. An eating cat is a Feeling Better Cat.

  3. Dear Spot, I do hope you are feeling better soon. Perhaps, like me you can try the 23 hour nap followed by rump steak and a handful of crunchies and an episode or two of Meerkat Manor (compelling!)
    Love Mooney xx

  4. thanks Miss B for the fudge thought (that sounds rather naughty really), too right about the eating bit lovely Shula (at least make the human companion feel a bit better) and Mooney the Big Eyed Cat I didn't know you could spell 'compelling' (such a big word for a little cat) but the way you rub my silver converse I know you know what it means!
    results will be in later today....... 4 big things it could be..... let's just hope it was all just a winter-off -the-food-moment
    being given a 'caring for your senior' pamphlet at the vets was both funny and sad at the same time

  5. fingers crossed for Spot's full recovery and good news from the vet.
    Self-medicating with chocolate fixes all manner of ills and worries :)

  6. oh. what does "i'm so sorry" mean? please not that.

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