Thursday, 14 August 2008

how many virgos does it take to change a light globe?

That's OK I'll just sit here alone in the dark, it really doesn't matter.


About 9pm last night the power went out.
Therefore the heaters stopped, the TV died, the computer went to sleep, the phones didn't ring, the whole world crumbled.
Not really of course. It was just dark and cold and I realised that I only had two candles. One that made me sneeze (scented) and one in the shape of a skull (black). Note to self- buy some candles (unscented and not looking like they should be used in a black mass).
The power came back on after 11 and I heated up a wheat bag, turned everything off  and went to bed to read my book.


  1. Sorry, but I found the idea of you sitting by the light of a skull candle inexplicably funny.


  2. don't worry -I also saw the humour!
    apparently shortly after the power came back on, someone tried to set the magnolia on fire (I didn't see any of this and think it may have actually been someone setting the newspaper that was under the tree on fire..... nit-picking I know as one thing could have lead to another.........)

  3. its a full moon and you have the witches brew going in full effect -that you even have a black skull candle is hilarious... i'm expecting to see you in tie-dyed purple velveteen sometime soon ha ha ha

  4. careful!
    I might start doing a bit of interpretive dance for you.
    are you saving the placenta?- i know some great spells we can do........... (haha gross-out)


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