Saturday, 1 June 2013

winter lovely winter

Winter, how I love thee.
Dark and moody and all poetic.
Yes, you are my kind of season.
What a night it was last night, thunder, lightning, windows rattling, pouring rain knocking the last of the autumn leaves off the trees. Triple R has been playing a medley of winter themed songs for the last 45 minutes and I have been enjoying it immensely. Driving around on empty streets in the rain this morning was lovely.
Winter is when the Cottage comes alive I've always felt. So many people who came through yesterday commented on how the shop was glowing, when it gets darker outside we look very inviting. We've been warning you to get your woollies sorted and now there is no excuse- Winter is not going away, embrace it. Do you want me to list everything we have to keep you warm?
Knits from Oleana and Slade, Lisa B socks, Welsh blanket cushions, blanket quilts, angora gloves, alpaca scarves, wheatie bags and hottie covers, handknitted beanies, tea cosies and enamel tea pots and mugs to hold those drinks that warm you from the inside out.... OK? See why the Cottage is perfect for Winter?
I always think the nicest thing about Winter is going out into the cold and then coming back home, there is nothing quite so lovely, cold and warm, dark and glowing, thawing out, fabulous.
Lordy, it is 10am already. I'd better get the ball rolling on my Saturday.
I'll be in the shop until 5pm. Come on in, warm a shopgirl's cockles, buy some things made from wool!


  1. You have put forth very good reasons to embrace Winter and all that it offers Pen........
    Couldn't figure out why I was so chirpy in town this morning and now I realise it's because Winter is finally here......hooray
    Lots of embracing going on here, along with hot drinks, soup, crochet, wood heater, gumboots, gloves, scarves......♥

    Claire :}

  2. I'm not sure if you're the PenPen that commented on my blog or not. Please let me know.
    And you must live in Australia or in that area of the world at least. I was very confused when you spoke of the "Winter", what? June 1, winter time" I can be a little dense at times.
    Let me know if you are the PenPen that I'm looking for. It was lovely reading your post anyways!!
    Hugs, Cindy


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