Monday, 17 June 2013


Well we have a chiller of a week ahead of us here in Melbourne Town!
The Design Files posted their Winter Warmers this morning and we got into it with our hottie covers, Welsh blanket cushions, handspun yarn and angora fingerless gloves. Lucy did a beautiful job with the photos and if they weren't products I actually made I'd probably be heading out to make a purchase!!
I've made some new mohair hot water bottle covers today after spending a couple of hours on the road dashing about town. I might even have to snaffle one for myself, the almost non-existant heating upstairs is making me go to bed early. I was going to make a sweetcorn chowder tonight but I seem to have come home without some ingredients, typical, it can wait until tomorrow.
OK, that's it for tonight. Thanks for visiting... and please pop over to Instagram for more photos (mainly of Jethro the Cat) @penedurston.


  1. It 's so cold and wet!


  2. I live in the US but I wish I could visit your shop! Just heard about you on the Design Files...those Welsh Blanket cushions are gorgeous! Cheers :)


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