Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Australia's media stinks and should be ashamed of itself.
Julia Gillard knitting. To me that shows she is skilled, can problem solve, think spatially, is creative.
I truly believed that things were different. Obviously not.
Misogyny is alive and kicking.
Sorry, I don't know what else to say.

Oh, except that Ms Gillard's press officers are idiots.


  1. The media focus on the trivial rather than policies and governing puts me in a white hot rage every effing day.Very bad for my blood pressure. If all they can do is leadership speculation and focus on knitting or budgie smugglers they seriously all deserve to lose their newspaper jobs. Seriously can barely read the paper these days .Will I bother buying a digital subscription when it really is CRAP.

  2. i think i reached some kind of fuckwittery threshold today. totally cross with our media's total lack of integrity and skill. and plus, what the freaking hell does knitting have to do with feminism.

  3. ...And if she said she couldn't knit or wasn't interested in knitting this would be used as evidence of her lack of femininity! Can't see the media criticising a bloke for spending hours in his shed making, well, whatever it is that blokes make in sheds. Pure sexism.


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