Saturday, 15 June 2013

warm glow

I mark my weeks off in Saturdays. And yes it is Saturday again. Jethro hasn't got out of bed yet and I wish I could have stayed there too. Friday nights are the only time I set the alarm as I am always scared that I will sleep in and wake 15 minutes before I need to open the shop, I am sure panic would ensue if that happened.
This morning though I managed to get the papers, visit Nat at Beatrix (and scored a play with Schmitty the Puppy, excellent), scoff one of her fabulous doughnuts and get home to knead up a batch of Myrtle the Sour dough ready for baking tomorrow morning. Myrtle likes to sit for 24 hours before she becomes a loaf of bread and hopefully she will be put of the oven and straight off to the birthday Sunday lamb roast lunch I am going to.
It's been a busy sock week at the Cottage and we are stocked full of Lisa B's beautiful feet warmers. I also managed a couple of hours in the studio late yesterday and made up some more hot water bottle covers from some blanket quilt leftovers. I reckon your hottie will still be warm by morning tucked into one of these.
And finally... after months and months of waiting... the pianola shades are back in stock! Yay-freakin'-yay!
We've got all sizes at the moment but you might need to be quick! We've also got a pair of the lovely shoji style lamps, something we haven't had in ages, excellent for bedside tables. We had a run on lamps and shades over the last week, that's when you know it is getting really dark and wintery. There is only one cockatoo lamp left but I am hoping to get some more very soon.
Better dash, I have to find somewhere to stash all the shades!
Oh and I've got six new glove colours dyed as well.

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