Thursday, 20 June 2013


A right nippy morning!
My weather app is saying that it is 4.6º but feels like 1.6º (I really don't understand that, if it 'feels like 1.6º then it is 1.6º in my book!) and I know the studio will be c o l d. I've put sheepskin liners in my boots just in case and I really should choose a pair of gloves... ridiculous I know, I haven't got around to it yet this year. Jethro has been fetching me undyed gloves, he's so bossy and I am taking it that he thinks I should have dyed more gloves in preparation for these cold snap mornings.
Yesterday after making a few mohair hot water bottle covers I got started on a new run of quilts. It is always exciting and scary starting a new project. I've been taping them up on the studio walls, they look tiny (studio big, walls big, ceilings high), I'm doing them in the same skewed log cabin design I use for the vintage blanket quilts and like how they are turning out, they have a very strong wagga quilt feel which I think suits the wool and it's patterns and textures. Lot more work to do.
So it's cold out there. Venture down to the Cottage and get your woollens people! Socks, gloves, sweaters, scarves, hottie covers, quilts, blanket cushions! Come on, make a little handmade business happy by buying something that will keep you snuggly!

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