Friday, 21 June 2013


I think I might need to put another layer of clothing on this morning.
I'm also hoping the annoying holiday rental crowd renting the apartment next door didn't bring enough clothes and they freeze. They were playing music so loud last night and screaming that I had to go around and ask them to turn it down. A bleach blonde twenty year old in a fur vest (I really hate that look) opened the door and screamed in my face, I asked her why she screamed and she said she didn't expect to see someone on the other side of the door... which is strange as she had come downstairs to answer the doorbell... I was wondering about her IQ by this stage. They must have all gone out but arrived back at 2.20am and started screaming again. What is whether the screaming?????
Anyway, enough of my grumpy old moaning.
I had a big prep day in the studio yesterday and sewed together more wool suiting quilt panels and taped them to the walls, cut vintage blankets into strips and Welsh blankets into cushion panels. I got a bit of sewing to do today. I'm loving the panels taped to the walls so went all panoramic with the iPhone and photographed the wall. Each of those panels is one and half metres square so you can work out how long that wall is the studio. I had a craft magazine ask me to photograph my studio for a 6 page spread... they freaked when I sent the photo I posted on Insta a couple of weeks ago! I think they were expecting a lovely little home studio with white shelves and colour coded fabric piles. Ha!
Winter solstice today. I was going to get a newsletter out for the Dark of Winter but I just haven't managed it this week. I need to clone myself a dozen times to get everything done. I reach a point in the evenings where I would much rather sit and meditate on how cute Jethro looks lying in front of the heater.
OK I'm going to go put another top on as I don't think I am layered enough and head up to the studio. It wasn't as cold up there as I thought it would be yesterday as the long Winter sun was pouring in the two small windows and heated things nicely.

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  1. those quilts are INCREDIBLE. I am having Little House fantasies now. I think I see my Christmas present this year hanging on your studio wall.....

    and you're spot on, they are wagga-ish too


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