Tuesday, 11 June 2013

late start to the week

There was work on Saturday, quite a bit of lolling about in bed on Sunday and a bit of vacuuming and a huge mountain of fabric washing on Monday. I now have all of the last batch of wax prints washed and the raw linens have all been through the ringer, let's say there is a 'bit' of ironing to do. The house is still a mess, there is paperwork all over the stairs, a hill of rubbish is clogging  the backyard ready for the garbo but I have mixed up the indigo and am itching to dip things into it's urine-like depths.
I'm off to the studio today and I also need to plan a dyeing day this week for more gloves. So much to do, things to start, things to finish. My brain is little addled today from too much downtime I think, perhaps I shouldn't spend so much time in my own company.
OK, where are my boots and my beanie and my raincoat? I better get the day happening.

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