Saturday, 22 June 2013

accentuate the positive

I really hope today is much better than the last 24 hours. Perhaps I fell into a Winter Solstice Hole, perhaps I should have been leaping bonfires and feasting rather than slinking off to bed with a hot wheatie bag. It was such a clear cold night last night that I am sure, if you could see them in the inner city, the stars would have glowed like icy pinpricks. Today the sun is blazing and the day is meant to warm up a bit, in fact it was warmer outside yesterday than in the studio.
Following on from the annoying b'n'b tenants who were persecuting me with their bad music and screaming on Thursday night, I went to get in my car out the back yesterday morning to find a pile of... well... shit deposited right outside my back gate along with a couple of tins of Mother energy drink. The charming youngsters then watched from upstairs whilst I cleaned it up. You do not want to be around me when I get icy cold angry... this time I just fired off an email to their landlord and I haven't heard a peep from them since. I'm beginning to wonder if I will be the old lady that nasty children throw things at. Ha.
On happier news (haha) I am in the shop today. I made more vintage tea towel cushions yesterday and they are stacked very high after being so low for so long. And some new vintage Welsh blanket cushions too, this lot are in red/black/cream and I have a heap of them almost ready at the studio... for the want of the right coloured zipper... so frustrating!
Oh and by the way, I was going to have a stall at Camberwell Market tomorrow but I can't be fagged- does anyone out there in webworld want it? It's going for free, you can email me ( or call me in the shop and I'll pass on the stall number. First in gets it and it's free. Short notice I know but if I put it out there then there is no way I can change my mind and decide at midnight tonight that I should do it. I really don't think a morning at Camberwell would be good for my mental health at the moment!
OK better get a wriggle on.
The Cottage is full o' frost busting wool, come and get it!

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