Friday, 31 May 2013

i have discovered i no longer bounce

I really have fallen into a bit of a heap this week. Bed, most nights, by 9 (although I stayed up late last night, 10pm) and dragging myself about. The fact that I am old has really sunk in, I do not 'bounce' so much as 'splat'.
I suppose some work has been achieved, glove dyeing and yesterday I did spend the whole day in the studio. I made a few vintage tea towel cushions, which haven't made it to the shop as they have sold already, but I spent most of the day looking at the mess that is my studio and unearthing bags of stuff which I moved from point A to point B. Some of those bags of stuff actually got emptied and chopped up (the stuff not the bags), mountains of old unfashionable jeans were chopped down into usable panel ready for a HUGE quilt making session that is looming ever closer. If I am tired now just wait until I get to the end of that project! Lugging those quilt panels about and rolling them ready for the quilter is a real workout let me tell you.
As I have said before, the easiest way for me to clean and sort the studio is to make stuff out of all the fabric that has piled up on every horizontal surface. I did manage yesterday to see a few areas of floorboards that have not seen the light of day for sometime. There will be a fabric explosion coming up though, I'm about to open some storage boxes.... it will get worse before it gets better.
I think I am slightly flat after the high that was Markit (thankfully I'm not one of those troopers that are off doing Finders/Keepers Sydney this weekend!!). I'm hanging about the shop today as we have a new shopgirl in training, I thought I might even do some work on Miss Magnolia whilst I loiter, she's looking very shabby. I also need to go out and buy a new heater, as our old one keeps popping the switch on the powerboard and I really need to find a new pair of Winter boots.... because it's Winter tomorrow people!


  1. Yay winter! I may even see snow where I'm going tomorrow....

  2. re energy loss may be worth getting your vitamin D levels helped me

    1. judi
      I think it is more about not having a real day off in months

  3. Winter.....bring it it......

    Claire :}


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