Wednesday, 22 May 2013

stand off

I'm off to Bunnings this morning for supplies for the Markit the stall. We need some hanging arrangement for possible new stock, 'possible' in that it's not back from the printers yet and we aren't sure whether it will be finished in time, it's a work in progress shall we say, if it is done then we will need somewhere to display it. We are borrowing a friend's big van which means I can take lots of stuff but whether it will make it onto the stall is always open to editing on the day. Perhaps I should have booked a two table stand.... nah. It's exhausting enough trolleying it all in anyway!
I got six loads to gloves dyed yesterday, all new colours/shades and for the first time in ages we have a bright red I am happy with. Not sure how that happened! I've got glove orders to go out this morning and it has been a busy week with all the gloves going out. New stock has been delivered to Lulu Design Store (Balaclava), The Maker (Hobart), Department of the Exterior (Canberra), Shelley Panton (South Melbourne) and Made by Others (Moss Vale)... busy busy busy!
We got the rest of our Lisa B sock delivery on Monday too so now we have some of her new cotton sock range in and the oh-so-cute baby socks. Those baby socks learnt to walk yesterday and headed out the door! The adult socks in wool are available in cable, spot, fairisle stripe and snowflake and we also have a few styles in stock in odd patterns, the cotton ones are in floral and pin spot (I'm coveting the pin spot in the green and the pink).
OK I better stop waffling and get the newly dyed gloves downstairs and sorted for the orders. I'm thinking today will be a bit topsy. I'm longing for a day sleeping in but I don't think that will be happening for a while. I'm sure panic will set in before Sunday when I realise I haven't made something we need.....

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