Tuesday, 7 May 2013

another day running

Today has been just as busy as yesterday was. Yesterday was all about wholesale orders and mail orders and photographing quilts and answering emails and running about like a headless chook. Today was once again wholesale orders and mail orders with the added bonus of a delivery of new Oleana knits. I managed 'breakfast' at 2pm and am still in desperate need of more tea, no studio work has been achieved and as I am shopgirl tomorrow I'm going to be luck if I get there on Thursday.
I have become slightly obsessed with knitting baby clothes for the DellAdam baby. I think I must be seriously out of practice if it takes me 6 goes to get a very simple and cute little pattern right. I'm blaming it on my eyesight and am longing for my new glasses to be ready.
So much to do at the moment.
Winter is our most frantic time and we aren't even there yet!
Well I had better get some dyepots on if I'm not going to get to the studio today.
Anything good on TV tonight?
Not that I need a distraction.

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