Saturday, 11 May 2013

darning the hole in my soul

I'm just back from two days up country. Oh my, it is a stunning Autumn out there! The best colours I have seen for years, it took my breath away. Poplars, liquid amber, pin oaks, elms and best of all the maples flaming coral red. Mother Nature really know how to turn on a show. I drove through the mountain ash and tree ferns just to balance out my native and imported species and felt just how much I needed to look at some trees, it's been a while. I couldn't have asked for two more beautiful days. I love 'flying' through the trees down country roads but really I wish I had a bit more time to actually stop and do nothing but look at those trees, sitting in the sun drinking a big mug of steaming tea and feeling all lethargic and at peace.
Anyway, back to the grind, I'm shopgirl today, I've returned to my Saturday duties. I've got a pile of stock to tag and get out and a hillock of beautiful dyed fleece to spin. I managed to get two hanks done on Wednesday and they will be going in store today once I've weighted and measured them. My spinning wheel needs a bit of tightening and fine tuning as it gets a bit loose being carted up and down the stairs.
I believe it's Mother's Day tomorrow.... so let's get all crassly commercial and suggest presents from the shop.... well really anything from the shop would please a mum I think! The indigo kit springs to mind for the crafty mum, fingerless gloves for the mum who likes to go out walking on a cold morning, an enamel tea pot and hand crocheted tea cosy for a sitting around the kitchen table type of mum, a tapestry print silk scarf for a glamorous mum out doing her Grace Kelly impression (or she could just hang it on the wall), a plump of cushions for her to sink into after a hard day being a mum, a 'hottie' wheat bag for her to fall asleep clutching, a 'granny' or 'lumina' purse in our new range of metallic and lustre leathers for her to keep her financial life in........ well you get the idea. You know we have lots and lots of 'mum' type stuff.
(I always feel bad doing the shop plug but the reality is we have very large bills to pay!)
Oh and the Lisa B socks! Don't forget them.
I see that the weather is about to change, these autumnal glory days are being swapped for an icy bout next week, 14ยบ, just my type of weather! Perfect weather for holing up in the studio and trying to get some work done for Markit. Tomorrow I need to get cracking on the glove dyeing, we have orders to go out and have sold out of some colours already. I  hear my baby alpaca/silk yarn has arrived so it will be time to chain myself to the knitting machine and get some scarves done. So much to do and organise.
OK, time to get the shop sorting underway.
I'll be at the Cottage from 11 until 5 this afternoon for all your Mother's Day needs!

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  1. Hillock and those words, love the season....

    I wish I lived close enough to duck into your shop and check out all your wonderful day, hopefully soon.

    Claire :)


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