Monday, 13 May 2013


I had a huge pile of dyeing to be done yesterday but some how most of the day got frittered away on napping and general laziness. The feline was just glad to have me in his sights most of the day I think. Late in the afternoon I fired up the coppers and got the dyeing started, we were unbelievably low on glove stock, it shocked me when I checked. Another two lots done today in between chores and errands and meetings. I now have a mountainous pile of pressing and clipping to do.
The weather has swung around from the last week of balmy autumnal days and I marvelled at the huge sunlit icy cold clouds that piled up and then dropped their cargo of hail as I drove back from Coburg. Beanies and gloves in stock and more scarves when I get into the studio tomorrow (must remember my glasses) and new glove colours in store tomorrow. Markit creeps closer and I must get my arse in gear. Hopefully the socks will arrive in time.
Not much else to chat about. I need to stomp into the city tonight although I would much rather be hunched over the warm Elna press!

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