Saturday, 18 May 2013

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The in-house model strikes again. There I was trying to get shots of the new 'ammo' bags and someone had to sit on them. He calls it 'product testing', I call it 'typical cat behaviour'.
So it's Saturday again, coming around way too fast for my liking along with that overwhelming sense of everything spiralling out of control and everything stopped dead. Happily I have ticked hot water bottle covers off the procrastination list, the bag handles didn't take too long to make last night and we have a new shipment of Lisa B socks in. We've restocked on spot and cable sock colours and have some new fairisle snowflakes too, there is another box arriving next week with the cotton socks and the super cute baby socks (oh my, you have to see these!).
The 'ammo' bags are now in a new size, 10", and these are all in brown 'antique' leather, one cognac in colour and the other a bit chocolatier. They look redder in the photos than in real life, they are much more chestnut in tone. There are two 8" (43 and 52), two in 10" (64 and 36) and one in 12" (410). I'm running really low on the canvas bags and also on the brown leathers so please if you want one don't leave it. My army disposal dealer is trying to hunt some more down for me but with this sort of thing it tends to disappear and that's it. I could go grain sack but I'll have to do a sample and see what I think about it. This project has been sitting about for ages and in the procrastination interim Tamara Fogle started doing her range out of England and I've steered away from using the grain sacking.
Thanks for all the nice comments when I had a grouch late on Thursday night, I was tired and still had a mountain of work to do before bed. It all got done and people got their heads around the cold weather and came out and bought gloves... it probably helped that I hung them in the window to remind people! The Cottage is very wintercentric, it's all about woolling up and getting cosy. It's Markit in a week, is there anything you would like me to pack? Let me know if you are coming and if there is something you want to bring.
OK, better get a move on. The shop floor is filthy and I need to put all Jethro's glove hunting 'kills' back (these two things do not go together by the way...). I must spin some yarn today as we have sold out of all the ones I put in last week. More work to do..... although the new black and cream baby alpaca/silk/angora scarves might be ready to come out of the dryer soon....

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