Thursday, 16 May 2013

slow as a wet week....

I hate Budget Week. I only realised this afternoon why it has been so slow in the shop, whenever there is doom/gloom, budgets, political carp sales plummet and people seem to hide away, then they forget about the politicians and things go back to normal. I am waiting on the normal, I have a lot of bills to pay!
And there is the weather. One week it is glorious and people get lulled into a balmy Indian Summer and forget that the cold is where we are heading, Winter is just around the corner and they act all shocked. And then I've been dyeing gloves and preparing for the cold and now I feel like I am in August but actually it is still just ticking over the middle of May, this is an issue all retailers have, we get a bit confused about the season and what month it is!
I threw together a dodgy window display this evening, our usual hanging gloves and trying to squeeze the mannequin in with some woollens keeping her warm. Jethro of course now thinks the glove hunting season is definitely open and he even tried to grab them out of my hand as I started hanging them. He's got his silly pants on this evening and has been sitting in the sink, trying to find his packet of bonito flake treats, playing in a large cardboard box and yelling at me. He's found his voice and is very talkative at the moment.
I have the ironing press on and should really be pressing gloves before I turn in for the night. I didn't manage to get the handles made for the new batch of 'ammo' bags but will have to make sure I get them done tomorrow night... bad Pen bad... I even went and picked up the buckles today but just somehow the straps didn't get done and I know there are people waiting for the new chestnut ones to be finished.
I better go and check what the brat is doing (he's yelling up the stairs) and get these gloves pressed before bed.

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  1. I'm sure trade will pick up once everyone gets over exclaiming about the cold.... (like me).
    I'll be coming in tomorrow sometime for a birthday present, see you then!


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