Wednesday, 29 May 2013

post market heap

Let's just say after Sunday at Markit@FedSquare I was pretty much shattered. And wired. It was a great day and we lugged everything home and I put the shop back together on Sunday night and collapsed into bed after eating a hamburger which I don't actually remember eating because I was so tired. There was no sleeping in on Monday morning though and I had an appointment at 9.30am and although I tried to creep back to bed I was so overtired and wired I couldn't keep still so trooped up to the Museum and saw the Treasures of Afghanistan exhibition (or whatever it is called). Whilst there I bent over to look at something and my lower back went *ping* and so I limped home. I've been limping around and wincing for  the least few days, I think my age is showing like a tart's petticoat, 'bouncing back' is no longer on my agenda.
There are a lot of things to do. Yesterday I did get four loads of glove dyeing done but really I just want to curl up and hibernate for a while. I've spent this morning furiously emailing in an attempt to get a banking/freight mixup sorted, this has been going on for 6 months and I am well over it. I 'grrr' as I type then emails and shake my fists at the heavens when I get a moment with my hands off the keyboard.
I have to get the gloves pressed this morning and then it might be time to get to the studio and start working on things other than market-y type stock or just re-stock-y stock. Things like wax print dresses and denim 'Harvest' smocks, tea towel cushions, all that sort of thing.....
Better get my shoes on and get working.

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