Saturday, 25 May 2013


It's been a busy week, Markit@FedSquare is on Sunday and there has been lots to do. 
We've been frantically trying to get a new project up and running but it has taken about 6 months and finally we have something to show you. Dell hand drew the names of suburbs and our screenprinting wizard Ben got it all transferred on to beautiful German pure wool felt and then I raced up to the studio and got the project cut out and stitched up.... the first batch of Pennants of Northlandia! 
We've only done the first 6 suburbs of Fitzroy, Collingwood, Richmond, Thornbury, Brunswick and Melbourne. There's lots of colours and two sizes, littlun and biggun, they have little felt streamer ties or you can slip a stick up the bind so they can be waved around. 

Sometimes I think I'm living in an episode of 'Portlandia' and the alternative opening song from Thursday night's episode had me in fits.  I feel making a range of pennants is such a Portland thing to do.... hence the northern suburbs range is most definitely 'Northlandia'! I'm so glad we didn't opt for a hipster chalk drawn/painted typeface, Dell's work is much more unique and it involved a lot of discussion about how we see particular suburbs, how the names 'feel' as typefaces. And look at the 'Collingwood' one... Dell's woody loggy letters of course! We are launching them tomorrow at Markit (although some have snuck into the shop today...).

Today is the last chance for you to put in any requests for things you would like us to take to Markit. At the moment we are planning on taking a lot of woolly stuff, gloves, socks, tea cosies, scarves and a few special bits and pieces we have been squirrelling away. It's going to be an early start tomorrow.
In other shop news, our latest shipment of enamel kitchenware has arrived- saucepans! Be still my beating heart! Three sizes and four colours! I'll post photos on FB and IG sometime this morning. I've got a vintage tour coming through in half an hour and a shop to sort out and clean up before that so I had better bust a move..... 


  1. Oh they are really ab, those pennants, I'm sure you'll sell squillions to the city dwelling hipsters. Would love to see a small range showing not my daggy suburb but some for the best named places like Dorren and Lovely Banks

  2. If only I could spell, that would be fab not ab and Doreen, by the way good luck tomorrow with the Market hope you sell heaps, while I think of it how did your Camberwell Market stalls go, am watching the footy and reading blogs after work have a great night x


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