Thursday, 28 February 2013

wax and wane

Tried to find a photo for today, opted for another Anish (this one is for you LG), a huge crater of red wax that I so wanted to touch, to steal a little piece of so I could stick it in a specimen jar and label it.I had to leave the room before the security guards had a reason to pounce.
It's Thursday, the last day of autumn and it's finally cooled down. We've had rain but more would be nice. I would love to curl up for a nap but I am on shopgirl duty today. I've nothing prepared to do which is a bit annoying, perhaps I can spend the day doing research on the iPad, 'research' is actually hunting down contact email addresses that I've misplaced, not very exciting sadly.
Jethro is still incredibly jumpy and scared of the hallway so I dropped in at the vet this morning and came home with an artificial feline pheromone spray. It works. He's still creeping slowly along between the stairs and the kitchen and wary in the kitchen and bathroom but he seems to be relaxing. Wish I could get a version for me! Wish he could tell me what he saw in the hallway. Zombie mice perhaps.
OK, I'm shopgirl today. Please drop in. Tomorrow I get to go to the studio and make stuff.


  1. Thanks for the wax! Jethro def. saw something.... Maybe burn some sage and ring some bells too! X

  2. Just catching up on your blog. On this day, I got a chance to have a day off & come visit your shop. Thanks so much for blogging 101 advice. Was so great of you to share some tips with me. Very grateful. Regards, Alana


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