Friday, 15 February 2013


Hello all.
Sorry I've been incommunicado for the last week but I was feeling out of sorts and a bit blah so thought rather than bore you with my moaning I would stay quiet. I'm also going through a computer hating stage and am answering the bare minimum of emails, doing the bare minimum of banking and certainly reading the absolute minimum of blogs etc. I do seem to be lurking on instagram a bit though, I just do it for the pictures.
After a bad couple of days in the studio I slept for 10 hours on Wednesday nightand felt all the better for it yesterday. The weird thing is that I am not sleep deprived by any means but perhaps I just haven't been getting a quality kip, Wednesday night's must have been gold plated. Jethro was adamant I get up this morning and when I walked downstairs I found out why. He'd managed to get on the top of the new shelves, knock over all the anodised cups, take two clocks off the wall (??) and break an ear off (luckily) only one kangaroo. Moth chasing perhaps. He's been locked out of the shop and has spent the last half hour sucking up to me, contrite cat. He seems to think because he gave me a Valentine's Day present he has some credit up his sleeve.
I'm not enjoying this heat we have settled into. The studio hovered around 32ÂșC yesterday but I did get some work done. There will be new leather purses in tomorrow and depending on how well I work today there may even be some Lettie dresses ready too. I better go and get some stuff done. Stay cool.

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  1. Love the present!
    was wondering if you'd run away you'd been so quiet......


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