Saturday, 23 February 2013

bok and budgie

Saturday. Sigh. It's come around again.
I got a day in the (sweltering) studio yesterday and made up two 'chicken and egg' chemise dresses. Dell has snaffled one but the other is in the shop. The story behind this fabric is all about the importance of the role of matriarchs (the big chicken) in the African family, the children are the chicks and the eggs represent the next generation.... and men are shown as just rooster heads. The stories told in the wax prints are amazing.

I even got to have a play with a cotton textured check that has been sitting on the shelves for the last few months. We are doing a new batch of 'Harvest' smocks soon and I'll be making them in the check but also in our fabulous 4 1/2oz denim. Our supplier had stopped making this fabric but they have decided to stock it again so there is a roll of it sitting in the studio ready for a making frenzy. I'm wearing the check sample today. 

We also received a box of new stuffed budgies from our taxidermist yesterday so there was a bit of budgie silliness late in the afternoon. One of the blue ones has already been claimed to go to a new home but we have some very amazing colours in this batch of budgies. Please don't get all sniffy that we sell taxidermy birds, our taxidermist loves live birds and is an avian rescuer. All the birds we get have died naturally and come from breeders who, as you can imagine, occasionally have bird deaths (it happens people). Saturday sermon finished.
OK better head off and get the vacuuming done. Jethro and I had a bit of a play in the shop earlier skimming Fowlers Vacola seal rings across the floor like deck quoits. He likes to carry the rings around in his mouth and will fetch them. Sweet little fur person that he is.
I'll say it again, I'm sick of this heat and lack of rain. I am feeling both sweaty and desiccated.
I'll be in front of the fan in the shop if you are looking for me today. Come say 'hi'.

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