Saturday, 9 February 2013

fickle and fiddle

Yep, another week gone. And I spent a whole five days in the studio, something that hasn't happened in quite a while and by about Tuesday afternoon I was trying to plan escape routes, I stuck at it though (just). I know, I know, after complaining for weeks about not enough time in the studio all I wanted to do was run away. Fickle.
I did get some sewing done, made some chemise dresses and spent all of Friday working on cushions. Cushion Friday is a tradition and I managed to make a pile of new vintage tea towel ones, until I ran out of zips and inserts, and even got some Welshies done from a couple of new vintage blankets that had arrived on Xmas Eve. It felt good to get the cushions under way as the top of the bunk and the trolley were looking a little bit sad. There are some stunners in this batch too, including some 1960s souvenir Australian ones.

I spent last night on the couch packaging up these fabulous vintage 'telegram' hankies. They are tacked onto a paper envelope that you fold and address and can mail. I mailed one to Dell at the shop and although the post office said that it would cost $1.20 to send I stuck on a 60 cent stamp and it got here... and the postmark had been stamped by hand, big and round and saying 'letter office', we were quite excited! You can write a message onto the hankie too. The coat of arms in the corner is kind of dinky and a bit wrong but it is really cute. They'll be in the shop today.

The other job ticked off this week is the photographing of all the vintage patchwork quilt tops. Now they are documented I can start chopping them up and making things. We also have other things planned for the images but that is for another time... stay tuned.

I'm in the shop today. I need to find a job or three to keep my hands busy in between customers and I am hoping there might be some of those today as the week has been drearily slow with the schools back and everyone's Xmas credit card bills in and the warm weather.... excuses excuses.... I hate this time of year. Anyway. Whatever. I'm wearing my new wax print chemise dress covered in giant keys and padlocks, it amuses me no end. I think I need to make more.
OK, better go sort the shop out and put my shopgirl hat on. It's not a real hat. Although a twisted turban could look quite good with my shweshwe chemise.

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  1. hope sales pick up ..l remember this time of year as very slow...and l hope you have some 'nice'customers to balance the awful...


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