Tuesday, 5 February 2013

sad and sorry, creepy and dreaming

The tapestry frenzy continues in the studio. I finally busted the tapestries out of their frames late last year so that they were ready to use, the studio stockpile of the damn things had got very out of control and, once all those hideous frames were trashed, the mountain was reduced to two fairly large boxes of stitch-y goodness. I've pieced together the ever so slightly creepy 'faces' pouffé and one that has been nicknamed 'mountain to the sea' and it water themed. I'm not sure I will get to stitching the panels together in the next few days as there is a lot of other stuff to do but at least they are ready to go.
I'm still dragging my sad and sorry butt around this week and longing to pop out of the doldrums I seem to be in. It doesn't help when things are creepingly slow in the shop, I tell myself it is like this every year when the schools go back and the Xmas credit card bills come in but sometimes in irrational moments I get the 'no one loves us anymore, woe is me' feeling. Pathetic.
So it is February and I need to start thinking about dyeing gloves. That of course would mean getting all the crap int he kitchen and laundry sorted and put away, a stocktake of both gloves and dyes and lugging the new-ish dyeing copper that I was gifted from the studio and finding somewhere to put it. My old copper lives in the shower stall (I am very lucky it is a very big shower stall) but putting another one in there would mean no bathing for me and I love a good hot shower! Jen and I were talking about dream homes the other day and mine involved a huge kitchen with scullery and a dye/soapmaking room. Dreams.....

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