Saturday, 2 February 2013

life is a whirligig

The pouffés are well and truly stuffed. The studio has drifts of beanbag beans as I managed to grab at the open bag as I dropped it sending a geyser of balls shooting out but as it was late I just couldn't be bothered cleaning them up (first thing Monday morning I promise). Yesterday was all over the place with meetings and phone calls and skiving off to see an exhibition and running into an old friend who managed to scare the bejilliters out of me and getting stuck in everyone-is-back-at-work/school-friday-afternoon traffic.
An end to a week of heartbreak and excitement, a week that really went from one extreme to the other.
I tried to get a photo of Furrilocks and the Three Pouffés but Jethro has got his cool weather crazypants on today and is belting around the shop and house like a loon. He took off so fast across the shop floor his paw fluff couldn't get traction on the concrete and the whirling paws were like something out of a cartoon.
We are barely a month into the year and I am feeling like running away. This is not meant to kick in for at least another six months. Perhaps I am getting old and due to be put out to pasture, sit in a rocking chair on a verandah somewhere stitching bad colour by numbers tapestries that will end up in an op shop when I die....... I find this weirdly amusing, I'm not being morbid as I find it funny... and I have seen a Bollywood tapestry design that could be fun to do..... A friend of mine has been warned by her partner that he will leave if she starts doing leadlight glass projects. The craft that broke the camel's back.
Anyway I wandering off topic (if I even had one this morning), it's Saturday, I'm in the shop, it's cool out, enjoy it as the temperature is climbing again soon, come and buy a cardi. Next week I am promising myself (apart from the vacuuming bit) to catch up on lots of studio work, new Welsh blanket and tea towel cushions, planning the new range of purses, getting some clothes made, actually spending more than a day at a time at the sewing machine. January is done and, although this year is making me a bit fearful, let's get on with it!

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  1. The Pouffes are kind of extraordinary in terms of work and skill and style and substance. The connection between you and the unknown maker and then this magical object transformed into a beautiful design piece is just dreamy and never fails to take our breath away. More fool the idiots who cannot see the love and labour involved.


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