Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Did you miss me?
I've been off in Sydney, it seems like ages but was only three days. The weather was humid and hot (pretty much what I've come back to here) and as, Sydney is not my favourite place to be, all about exhausting. I stayed in the tiniest hotel room which was really amusing, had dinner at Billy Kwongs with friends (oh my, the duck and the pig!), walked my feet off at the trade shows and then managed to lose my car at the airport when I got back.
Just before I left Jethro got a Fear into him and decided that he couldn't walk through the downstairs hall, bit of a problem there as it leads to the kitchen (food) and the laundry/bathroom (litter tray). Then whilst I was away a bird flew into the big room upstairs and Dell and Adam had to deal with a cat who thought climbing furniture to hunt was OK. Solution was Jethro got locked in the shop whilst windows were left open upstairs, bird flew away, Jethro released. I'm know having to reassure Jethro that there is nothing to be afraid of downstairs, any feline re-programming hints gratefully received.
I did get to go to the Anish Kapoor exhibition.It's got to be the most instagrammed exhibition around! His play with spacial depth is incredible, I was going to write 'optical illusions' but that would cheapen what he does. The wall squares of pigment colour are trippy and mind altering.... I wanted to fall into them....
I'm sad I missed the Melbourne rain. I have a pile of stuff to sort out and sort through. I have a cat who is not himself. I have no food in the fridge. I have to be shopgirl tomorrow. I have to get my arse in gear.
Welcome home.


  1. welcome home Pen! You were missed. Just knowing you are up the road beavering away is inspiration .

  2. Boom right on the money Mona.
    lovely to have you B.I.T Miss P and I cannot wait to see both you and the Kapoor show ... although I will probably only instagram myself in front of him...;)

  3. would love to see that Kapoor show but the stars will not be aligning for a Sydney visit.
    I hope hope hope more rain tonight for all of us xx


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