Monday, 18 February 2013

on the downlow dabble

I turned the computer off over the weekend (sadly the smaller Apples were still on...) and it was quite nice. I'm having a fraught relationship with my technology lately, the emails pile up and because I often scan them on i-Ps I can be really slack about reading them properly and actually answering them and then a crushing wave of connectivity drowns me and I long for time when I am not hooked in and up and.... whatever. This online presence guff can really get me down at times.
Then of course there is the message that arrives from Ramona the Craft Publication Queen to say that I better check the new addition of Mollie Makes magazine..... I like my magazines printed on trees I must admit but downloading makes things very easy on a hot Sunday morning. I'd forgotten that I had signed the release paper about 6 months ago for the use of the photos that Lucy had organised. Happily the copy is much better than the butchering inside/out magazine did to their version. Sadly they used that really appalling photo of me that makes me look like a pin-head fat cow (yes we are all vain). Curiously the house looks much the same and very different, those photos were taken so long ago.
The amusing thing is that the photos were taken so long ago that I only vaguely remember what it is like to have a semi-clean house. I am living in amongst the most depressing chaos at the moment/still and it was very funny looking at those photos whilst sitting on the couch surrounded by work in progress and crud. I wonder whether all those houses that appear in design blogs and in magazines really look like that, I also wonder whether people who live in minimalist house start feeling a little institutionalised.....
It's going to be another scorcher today and I have to drive out to Dandenong. This might be better than facing the studio though, I don't imagine things will have improved in there since the sauna of Friday. I do have a thousand things to work on at home/shop so I might slink back and spend the afternoon with the fan and the computer (now that our relationship has improved).
I better go put the shop together as I left it in a right mess on Saturday afternoon when I closed the door. Jethro has also been rifling through the gloves again. There are newspapers behind the counter, invoice books stacked under the chair, cat fluff blowing about. Hope you don't melt today and I am definitely wishing Autumn would arrive.


  1. Hey Pen...I saw you in Mollie Makes and I love you...I think we could be sisters separated at birth...I am a blogger to in the UK and I have been in Mollie Makes...I was Christmas 2011...and I so know how you feel about the crud and the! no-one lives in a perfect world and we live with crud and mess on a permanent basis! shhh! don't tell anyone! even when we do a shoot for a magazine...we just seem to tidy up as we go...from one room to another, whilst they take pictures now :D

    Anyway back to you...I love the annual book clocks...I have collected those books for an age, but I am more of your display one book as a kind of an ornament, rather than altogther lol! but I do like the clock idea...

    Glad to of found you Miss Pen Pen...I loved reading all about you and you look lovely xx

    Love Happy xx

  2. Hi, I also found you thru Mollie Makes. The photos of you, your home and shop look fab, I love your ideas. Know what you mean about emails, I can never seem to get my "to read" list below 200!
    Take care,


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