Saturday, 16 February 2013


This morning has been rushed even though I started early, I seem to have caught every red light everywhere I went and now feel like I won't get everything ready for my shop day. I hate that.
The studio was absolutely foul yesterday, made worse by discovering that it was hotter in there by about 5º than it was outside. By the end of the day I was grumpy and brainfried. Last night put on a spectacular cloud show but we got no rain here sadly and today is forecast hot and humid again with maybe an afternoon storm which will probably miss us totally. At least there is a coolness in the morning now, the promise of Autumn.
So I barely survived the sauna that was the studio but I was determined to get some Lettie dresses finished. I almost gave up at one stage but I buckled under and managed to get them done along with a new batch of granny purses in metallic and lustre leathers. Then I came back to the shop and spread grumpiness and annoyance about. I chilled out after I sucked on a fruit pop for a while.
I better dash. I need to see if the Lettie dresses need pressing and the shop is a bit of a grotty mess.
We've got lovely wax print dresses and there are still some Frida dresses to get you through the warm weather we have forecast for the next few weeks and the Letties too. Sorry that the Cottage still has woolly things out but we really do still sell them on 42º days. I need to get glove dyeing too. And with tertiary school starting very soon it is time to come in and buy a satchel.
I am making no sense now.
Drivelling, dribbling and sweaty.
Please Autumn, start soon.

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  1. Hi i am so thrilled to find you, saw you in Mollie Makes, a bit naughty i didnt buy it, but i saw you and memorized your blog name.
    I adore good magazines but Mollie makes is so full of reproduction fabric and old school craft, i no longer purchase it! any how love your work! Stephne x


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