Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I finally get 5 straight studio days and what do I want to do? Runaway! I spent most of yesterday planning escape excuses and 'important things' that I needed to go find, I stuck at it though and managed to get... nothing much done. I started this, I toyed with that, I got sidetracked and moved stuff about, ending with the grand total of nothing much achieved.
Jethro went off to the vet for his vaccinations yesterday evening. His adoption papers said he was 'gentle and loving', now sadly I have a cat with a note on his record saying 'difficult'. He was complimented on his teeth, his weight is within 10gm of his weigh-in a year ago (vet could not believe this), his heart is excellent and I have two puncture wounds on my right arm and two claw scratches on my left wrist (and this from a cat who hardly ever scratches). He is still not happy with me and is currently asleep in the wardrobe.
And that is my week so far.

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  1. Aw, Jethro. Poor little tyke. He must be highly senstive. :) I can fully understand the situation of sometimes spending a day pushing things aruond and, for me, tidying. I've learnt to understand that it's all part of the process but that often doesn't help the deadline. Love your blog (alerted to me via a friend). I will visit your shop one day soon.


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