Wednesday, 16 January 2013

window pained

I've been complaining about the shop window display.... boring you senseless I know.
Well it's changed now. The paint job is still up, I don't have the heart to scrap it off yet, so it isn't a 'real' window change but for the first time in ages there is a dress in the display. I went up to the studio last night and grabbed my half body dummy to use until I can get to the mannequin people to pick up another size for the shop. I still have my full body one at the studio so there is no problem, I won't be dummy-less in the studio in the near future.....
I'm shopgirl again today. Yesterday was incredible slow. Lots of tennis tourists at this time of year mixed with every one pretty much being back at work- and fearing there Xmas credit card bills! Ah, retail... fabulous one day, crap the next. Studio day for me tomorrow and then dashing about day on Friday. And Saturday will then crept up once more. It's barely the third week of January and I can feel the year slipping away from me.
I definitely need more tea this morning. I collapsed into bed last night and dreamt weird dreams all night, very weird dreams about Scientologists (wtf??) and being chased. I think it might have been caused by that Ben and Jerry's peanut ice cream I snacked on earlier in the evening. Curious.
OK time to drag Jethro out of the shop and although the vacuuming has been done but there are piles of crap on the counter that need to be packed away.


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