Monday, 7 January 2013

marshmallow month

There was a picnic in the park at Heide yesterday, young Dell's birthday. There was a lot of small people, four of them born within a couple of months. I got sunburnt sadly. There was also lots of cake and I made marshmallow (raspberry and passionfruit).
As you can probably tell my brain is pretty much marshmallow at the moment. Sums up January nicely I think, kind of sweet, kind of mushy, kind of emptily airy, a fluff of a month. I'm not feeling in the mood for the studio and I am dreading what it will be like after last week's furnace heat (it will be foul guanteed). I am trying to make appointments to feel a little productive (new phone as the old one is on the fritz, an eye test would probably be a good idea too). I think I should also spend some time on the couch with a stack of books and the mind tuned to 'inspiration'. The shop is strangely empty and I need to allocate some thinking time for what I would like to work on this year.
'Massive Studio Clean' is high on the list, followed by 'Massive Studio Sale'..... and 'Humungous Home Sort' as well. There is so much crap in this place you need to be very careful making your way through the teetering stacks of stuff. It is both vaguely amusing and definitely dementing living here at the moment.
The shop is open, the street is quiet and I think it is time for a cuppa.

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