Tuesday, 22 January 2013

string and twine and tuppenny

I seem to be running a tap behind this morning. I'm working in the shop today and I really am a bit messy today! Thanks goodness things go back to normal next week with Dell's return. I have a huge list and pile of work to do, these fabrics Jethro is inspecting are all up in the studio but sadly I am not. Oh well, I'll get there tomorrow.
I woke (late) this morning to find the Cottage has been mentioned over in a post on Design*Sponge about Tuppenny Farm (thanks Paula!) along with lots of other lovely local makers, you can even stay  there if you are after a rural retreat. I really must get around someday to email the D*S folk considering there are quite a few Cottage products that turn up in photos!
Post-Xmas I am slowly getting stock back in store, there are great gaps everywhere. Yesterday I picked up new linen twine and string. There is fine twine a la 'butcher's twine' in 100gm balls and huge 1kg spools. Why is it being marketed everywhere as 'baker's twine', to appeal to the vegetarians? I can't work out what a baker would use it for... trussing baguettes?? And there is fabulous thin raw linen string and big fat ropey string perfect for macrame in 500gm and 1kg balls. I think we are turning into a string shop. We are still waiting on a delivery of enamelware tea pots and jugs. There are things planned but like always at this time of year it's a little easy to fall back into bed and sleep in for 15 minutes longer.... like I did this morning.
So I'm shopgirl again today. Come and visit... I might even have woken up a bit more.

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