Tuesday, 29 January 2013

lament tonnes

I'm off to the dentist in an hour for a filling, blah, I hope I have brushed out all yesterday's lamington cake coconut from between my teeth!
I think I am going to be glad to put January behind me. It's been a disjointed month of being stuck in the shop, scraping a day here and a day there in the studio, running about crazed or lolling about indolently, a month of all or nothing which means, of course, nothing has really been achieved.
Things to report today? Not much. Had a lovely afternoon eating and chatting yesterday, the weather was perfect for our annual Invasion Day lunch, lamb cutlets were eaten. The Aboriginal March came passed the shop on Saturday, it seemed smaller and the chants not so well organised which was sad. I really don't get Australia Day and the holiday yesterday just had me bemused (have it on the day or not at all), my favourite photo of the weekend was the one of the girls wearing the Australian flag as hijabs with the caption 'if it's good enough to wear as a cape...'.
So I have the end of January Blues today, I could feel it coming on last night, the end of any summer holiday excuses for slacking off and not getting one's arse in gear. The on;y good part of it is we are one month closed to Autumn.
Better go and sort the shop before I head to the dentist.

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