Friday, 11 January 2013


It feels like I can barely string words together at the moment, the January-itis continues.
Today though I am off to the studio for the first real work day since the week before Xmas. I hate to think how hot it will be up there. I haven't been lying about, I have been out everyday hunting and gathering but with the temperature hitting 37ÂșC today I may as well get the ball rolling (although it has been a very slow morning and I am still at home...).
There has been shop stuff happening even if we have been creeping along. New vegetable and old favourite Australian flora tea cosies arrived from Ann (the vegetable ones sold out before we even got them into the shop!) and I have finally got around to putting part of the enamel plate collection in store, we've also got some fabulous rectangular enamel trays. This is why I got the new shelves, we've had stock sitting out the back but now hopefully we have somewhere to stack it all.
I am not the sort to make New Year's Resolutions but this year I have decided I am going to spend time indulging all my textile obsessions. Textiles have always been my great love, and I do mean 'always', so I am going to spend my year hunting down and using up things that inspire me. To start I've gone shweshwe (wax print) mad and am about to begin work on some dresses and tops and skirts. Wish me luck!
OK I must go to the studio!

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