Thursday, 17 January 2013

frock swap

I bet you are absolutely sick of these photos of wax print dresses. Sorry about that but there are just no other photos lurking about here at the moment (except a few of Jethro and I bet you are totally sick of seeing more of those...). They start on instagram, then migrate to FB and finally I use them here, I know you don't all subscribe to all so I take the gamble you are going to see them on one platform or another- and apologies to those that have to see them on all!
Yesterday's dress was sold to a lovely lady from Sydney along with a black 3/4 sleeve Slade cardi, pretty smashing combo if I say so myself. The wax print fabric has this amazing way of sitting out from the body and the skirt looked so fabulous, crisp and smart. The 'handbag/snowdome' print is now in the window, it doesn't quite go with the pinky-green of the display sadly but I am off to the studio to try and get some work done this morning. Upstairs is going into lockdown to try and keep the cool in and Janita will be in the shop hopefully sitting in front of the fan should you wish to come by and buy.
I am feeling very annoyed as I had to spend hours last night organising a Stat Dec and then tomorrow I'm off to sit in a VCAT meeting. I had other plans. Damn and blast. I'm hoping the meeting doesn't take long and I can get on with the interesting part of the day.
Better scoot! Want to get things done today!

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