Saturday, 5 January 2013


I woke up at 5 yesterday morning and thought that there was no good reason to open the shop on a day that was hitting over 40ºC. I texted Dell and told her to stay home, shut all the windows in the house and bunkered down for a boiler. It was an OK day inside and a couple of loads of washing dried in record time, I even managed to get the sofa cover and denim quilt done. And of course a huge amount of napping and lolling about. Although by the end of the day I felt bloated from too many icy drinks and raiding the cupboard for occasional snackage.
I have a nasty case of January-itis it appears. I could quite happily not open the shop today and do nothing but I am opening at 11 like a good shopgirl and am hoping some people come through the door to entertain me. A week off was just not enough of a break I realise in hindsight, sometimes the rest time is a little longer, depending on which day Xmas falls on. Although the longer I have off the more I want to just lie around! I think I have told you about the January a friend and I competed to see who was the least motivated. 'Competed' is probably too strong a term as it involved us sitting in my backyard, reading the papers, drinking cold drinks and asking who was the least motivated. It was an amusing January and it came out a draw.
OK I have an hour to get my head together. I can do this. I can be a functioning shopgirl for 6 hours. I can......

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  1. of course you can,you are a totally professional 'shop girl'.. . and the temp. will be under 30 degres today.


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