Tuesday, 15 January 2013

tuesday's shopgirl is full of grace (not)*

Another day in the studio and another couple of dresses!
I'm working very slow, so out of condition but at least my brain isn't whirring frantically as I sit at the sewing machine. I'm working on the one metre that is clear at the end of the cutting table and tripping over things as I make my way from table to ironing board to sewing machines and back. Yes the clean up must happen soon... after I've made some shop stock and... etc.
No studio today as I am shopgirl, Dell's off holding workshops at Signal so I'm picking up a day or so here and there. I still haven't sorted out the front window (I slept midnight to midday on Sunday and then spent some time vacuuming so didn't manage to get it done on the weekend). The Queen light needs new light globes desperately and Jethro knocked the Cockatoo light's plug out of the socket chasing a butterfly in the window. My current excuse is waiting on the new shop mannequin so I can display dresses in the window, something we haven't done in ages it seems.
Not much to report otherwise.
It's not Saturday but I am in the shop. This will confuse Jethro I know. Jeez it confuses me already!
Oh and sorry to anyone whose emails I haven't answered, I will get back to you soon as I can.... it's a January thing.... avoiding the computer....

*monday's child, tuesday's child....


  1. At least the weather is pretty, good frock buying day!

  2. Oh, I adore this fabric (from your previous post too). Are you making all sizes in this dress?

    1. dear quiet hedonist
      we are only getting a couple of garments from each piece of fabric so each print will be in limited edition
      we have 2 dresses in the handbag design (1/8, 2/10) and there will be four dresses in the pink/green/black/white fabric (just a size 3/12 at the moment) hopefully
      we are planning an A-line shift and some tops.......

    2. I think my last message go lost. Thanks Pen, i'd love to know when the pink/green/black/white fabric is in store as Aline. I'm probably a 2/10 but sizes vary so much these days.. So could be a 1/8..

  3. Thanks Pen. Would love to know when the pink/green/black/white fabric A line dresses go in store :) Not sure, i'd be a 2 I think .


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