Thursday, 24 January 2013

the devil's cloth and the fires of hell

I seem incapable of sticking to one project at a time. The studio looks like a crazed bazaar with textiles from Wales and Africa piled alongside souvenir tea towels and tweedy wools. Now I've added vintage French espadrille tape to the mix. I scored two huge rolls of it on Monday and have got sidetracked onto a new batch of products. Ooops. So we now have it stitched together and turned into cushions, brown and blue together or just plain brown or blue. The tape is wonderful, striped and ziggy-zaggy with twill weave. I've made some small zip purses and I can't believe how Scandi they look! Stripes were known as the 'Devil's cloth' and the way it clears out my bank account and obsesses me when I should be doing other stuff I'm starting to think that it has earned its name! I've been posting over on Instagram (@penedurston) if you want to see more pictures of work, fabrics and the cat.
I could smell the smoke from the fires last night before bed and the moon was a peridot in the sky. We are in for another stinker today (although the forecast isn't quite as bad as it started out being) and I hope all those people fighting fires will be safe, city and country are two vastly different worlds. I feel a little frivolous heading to the studio to indulge in creativity.

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