Saturday, 12 January 2013


I'm sitting here in front of the computer with a mug of tea and a bowl of peaches, nectarines and apricots, it's been such a good year for the stoned fruits. I keep ODing on cherries and think that I will not be able to face another one until next year... and then I find another superb batch and it all starts again.
Well the studio wasn't too-damn-hot yesterday and I managed to get some work done. A single lone wax print dress but it felt good to be working. It's nice fabric to work with and the prints are just so fabulously riotous. I need a new mannequin for the shop I think (I also need to fix up the front window) so that we can display these beauties and the scarf dresses which look like deflated balloons on their hangers. Now I've had a day in the shop I am itching to do some more work but we are juggling things at the shop over the next few weeks so I am going to be stuck with a day here and a day there.
I'm still finding it hard to get out of bed and Jethro's accusing looks when I start to untangle myself from the bedclothes would be enough to make me roll over and go back to sleep. I'm planning a sleep in tomorrow- definitely- and I really must do the vacuuming although perhaps I will avoid the bum shaped divot in the couch and try and do it tonight. The couch and I are having an intense relationship currently which is, sadly, doing neither of us any good. This lolling about is directly proportional to the evenings full of work prior to Xmas, I catch myself starring at the tv/into space and wondering whether I do this every evening and then realise it is just I don't have quite so many things to do with my hands at the moment. Then I have a little attack of guilt that I shouldn't be wasting my time doing nothing. Then I think 'screw that' and stare into space some more. Cats are very good at this, perhaps Jethro can give me lessons.
Anyway it's an hour to 'showtime' and there are things to do.
New enamelware plates, platters and trays are on the new shelves (perfect for them), new tea cosies in store, one (1) new sundress on the rack and it's Saturday again.

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