Monday, 9 August 2010

travelling cottage style

What a crazy day.
It's late now and I feel very disorganised.
The early start is looking like a not so early start tomorrow. It ended up being a very busy afternoon with people coming and going, wholesale people dropping in, stock being dropped off, friends coming by to brain-storm. 
The final job I had left until this evening may not actually get done. Bugger. And oh well.
Most of the boxes are packed, they just need a final once over and I have yet to throw some clothes in my backpack. I'm sure it will all come together..... 'be alright on the night'.
Jethro has spent the evening jumping in and out of boxes, playing with the security rings off the dye jars and generally being super cute. He knows I'm up to something!
I'm looking forward to catching up with Nikki and seeing her fabulous knitting tent.
So Friday, Powerhouse, Young Blood Design Market, see you there! I need you to come and buy stock so I don't have to lug it all home again!


  1. Best of luck Pen. Have fun... x

  2. Hi Pene!!

    You probably know this but... i was watching that new show offspring and one of the scenes is right outside your shop!!! You can watch it on channel ten website and its in at 8/10 at about 7 minutes!

    I visited your shop on Friday and it is so so lovely!

    All the best,


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