Saturday, 21 August 2010

sign of the times

Jen and I went off to the Nicholas Building's open studio event last night.
Wandered around the corridors trying to remember which floor we were on, sticking our heads into studios, checking out the snacks provided, avoiding any that looked interactive in any way (the studios not the snacks, there was a music circle and sitar playing in one.... 'don't let them see you, keep walking!'). Sometimes it was just the view from the window that was most mesmerizing.
I love this sign, makes me laugh every time I see it. Perhaps it sums up today's election.....
I'm shopgirl so once you've argued with the people handing out the how-to-vote cards, voted and bought a sausage at the sizzle, then drop by for a visit. I'll be the one knitting and reading the newspaper.


  1. Wish I could drop in!!!
    I'm at work til 5 and there is a polling booth next door - we are BUSY!

  2. sometimes I wish bits of Melbourne could plonk itself here in Bendigo - would have loved to have gone with the other sticky beakers


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