Wednesday, 4 August 2010

please turn to page 30

First of all you need to pop down to your newsagent and grab a copy of the latest edition of INSIDE/OUT.

If you turn to page 30 you'll see this! A weekend out and about with the lovely Beci Orpin! There's the Cottage!

Then flip back a page to 29 and there is one of our reversible quilts on the bed!

Once you've read the lovely profile about Beci and Raph and the boys shuffle over to page 40. I'm guest blog editor! Five of my favs! (Although the got my description of the last one wrong...)

OMG and all that guff!

And if you have finished reading the magazine and feel like watching a bit of tv then switch on Channel 10........... keep your eyes peeled for the 'Offspring' ads....... and the Cottage's green door!
If the actors could just move to the left.....

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