Sunday, 8 August 2010


Jethro's mornings are spent catching a bit of sun. He loves climbing the window grills and lying on the top of the sashes. He's done it since he was a tiny kitten and now he's so big he likes to lean against the bars. Sometimes he sits up and rests his chin on a horizontal to look down at me.

I changed all my plans around this morning, trimming my day back to basics, cutting away what was really superfluous. A trip to Bunnings to pick up plastic boxes, dropped into my electrician to get the bound flex cords for the lampshades, caught up with Charlotte and Joe for ten minutes, dragged everything out of the store cupboards, started sorting stock, made a few new things, cooked a dreadful dinner (again.... I'm having trouble with food at the moment...).
There is still lots to do. Bed looks good.......

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